HKJC ILCM 10th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony

14 . 12 . 2023

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Innovative Learning Centre for Medicine (HKJC ILCM) at the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine is pleased to commemorate its 10th anniversary this year. In honor of this significant milestone, the HKJC ILCM held its 10th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony on December 10, 2023, at the Pao Yue Kong Auditorium, Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Jockey Club Building.

The Celebration Ceremony, presided over by Prof. Gilberto Ka-kit Leung, President of the Academy, was attended by esteemed guests, including Ms. Imelda Chan, Head of Charities (Health Community) at the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Dr. Donald Li, Past President of the Academy, and Dr. Benny Cheng, Honorary Director of HKJC ILCM. Notably, the event was also honored by the presence of past presidents of the Academy, Council Members of the Academy, representatives of the Simulation Alliance, and approximately 100 other distinguished guests who gathered to collectively commemorate and celebrate this joyous occasion.

During the Ceremony, Prof. Gilberto Ka-kit Leung delivered a keynote speech focusing on the future of HKJC ILCM and its new role within the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine. Two pivotal areas of advancement were highlighted. Firstly, the proposal to integrate Extended Reality (XR) technology, such as Microsoft HoloLens, into medical education. Secondly, the recognition of the significant impact that the incorporation of AI technology into medical training can have on diagnostic accuracy, treatment planning, and patient care. Through the implementation of these innovative initiatives, the aim is to revolutionize medical training, enhance patient care, and shape the future of healthcare in Hong Kong. We eagerly anticipate these advancements.

Welcoming Speech by Dr. Benny Chun-pong Cheng, Honorary Director, HKJC ILCM

Congratulatory Message by Ms Imelda Chan, Head of Charities (Healthy Community), the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Cake-cutting celebratory ceremony

Keynote address by Prof. Gilberto Ka-kit Leung, President, Hong Kong Academy of Medicine

Following the conclusion of the Celebration Ceremony, we organized three informative demonstrations, namely the Learning Management System (LMS), HoloLens technology, and Simulation Equipment & Manikins, to showcase the impressive capabilities of HKJC ILCM to our esteemed guests. Our distinguished visitors displayed a keen interest in the advancements made by HKJC ILCM, paying particular attention to the comprehensive briefing provided by our knowledgeable staff.

Demonstration of Learning Management System (LMS)

Demonstration of HoloLens

Briefing on the Simulation equipment and manikins

Esteemed guests at HKJC ILCM