Learning Online Education Course (LOL)

05 . 03 . 2024

The HKJC Innovative Learning Centre for Medicine (ILCM) has developed the Learning OnLine (LOL) Educator Course to support the strategy of the Academy in promoting E-Learning.

We would like to invite you to send nominations for this upcoming Learning OnLine (LOL) Educator Course
from 5 May to 7 Aug 2024
. The Course Fee would be 11,000 HKD for College nomination.  The course will be conducted fully online over 12 weeks with 7 modules across 3 Zoom sessions on:  

5 May 2024 (Sun)Module 1: Introduction Session1700 - 1830
16 June 2024 (Sun)Module 5: On-line Learning Day0830 - 1700
7 August 2024 (Wed)Module 7: Reflection Evening1830 - 2100
Modules 2-4, and Module 6 will be conducted by asynchronous communication. 

The class size is 20-24. If your college is interested, please kindly nominate in 5-6 fellows by
12 April 2024 (Fri) to facilitate specialties’ group discussions during the Course and so to enhance learning outcomes. Upon receiving nominations, nominees of 4 Colleges will be arranged to join this class first while other Colleges will be arranged to join subsequent classes in future. 

Application is invited now. For details, please click the link below.

Course Poster

Application Form (For Colleges Nomination)

Application Form (For Private Practitioner)

You may please contact ILCM staff for enquires by phone at 28718744 or via email at hkjcilcm@hkam.org.hk / marysung@hkam.org.hk